Our Story

LIFE AND LIVING was established almost three decades ago by Mr. MeesakChunharuckchot from an aspiration to create quality housing projects based on the concept of “Good Society begins from Home”. The commitment to deliver quality projects for decades have pushed the company to become widely recognised as a leading real estate developer in Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.


LIFE AND LIVING is continuously developing residential projects throughout Chon Buri and Rayong provinces. To date, the company has delivered over 18,000 housing units in 77 projects, reflecting its tremendous amount of experience and passion.

Our Success

  • 1992

      Country Park 1 Phase 1
  • 1993

      Family Park 1
  • 1994

      The Village
  • 1995

      Family Park 2
      Family Park 3
  • 1996

      Country Park 1 Phase 2
      Grand Harbor
  • 1999

      Family Park 4
      Ruean Suk
  • 2000

      Family Park 5
      The Village 2 Phase 1
  • 2001

      Family Park 6
  • 2002

      Family Land 1
      Family Land 2
      Country Park 2 Phase 1
      The Village 2 Phase 2
  • 2003

      Family Land 3
      Baan Suan Chatuchak 1
      Grand Home Place
  • 2004

      Family Land 4
      Country Park 2 Phase 2
      The Country Mueang Mai 1
      The Country Mueang Mai 2
  • 2005

      Family Land 5
  • 2006

      Family Home
  • 2007

      Country Park 3
      The Country Mueang Mai 3
      The Country Mueang Mai 3
      Family Town 1
      Family Town 2
  • 2009

      Baan Suan Baang Pra
      Home Village
      Family City Town 1
      Family City Town 2
  • 2010

      Baan Suan Chatuchak 2
      Baan View Khao Sriracha
      Baan Suan View Khao
      Baan Klang Suan
  • 2011

      Village Park
      Family City Home 1
      The Brown House
  • 2012

      Nada 1
      Nada 2
      Baan Suan View Khao Sriracha
      Baan Sai Lom Chom View
      Family City Town 3
      Family City Town 4
      Family City Home 2
      Life City Park Bowin 1
      Life City Park Bowin 3
  • 2013

      House of the Canary
      Life @ Baanglamung
      Baan Suan Fah Sai
      Plearn View Thew Khao
      Life City Town Bowin 1
      Family City Pantong 1
      Famity City Town 5
  • 2014

      Baan Life Soi 12
      Life Town Home Baan Bueng
      Famity City Town 6
      Life Town Home
      Life in the Garden Sriracha
  • 2015

      Life Garden Home
      Life City Home Ang Sila 1
      Life City Town Bowin 4
      Life City Home Ang Sila 2
      Life City Home Bowin 2
      Life Valley
      Family City Pantong 2
      Family City Pantong 3
  • 2016

      Life Home Baan Bueng
      Life Home Soi 12
      Life in the Garden Baan Chang
      Grand Valley 1
  • 2017

      Life City Home Bowin 3
      Grand Valley 2
  • 2018

  • 2019

      Baan Rim Khao
      Life City Town 5
      Valley Hills
  • 2020

      Life in the Garden Sukhumvit - Bangsaen

Our Promise

LIFE AND LIVING's vision is to improve the standard of living for people staying in the houses it build. By integrating the knowledge of architectural, engineering and consumer lifestyle, the company is able to deliver homes that are customized to consumer's taste at a reasonable price.
LIFE AND LIVING’s ultimate intention is to create a home that is more than just a house; a home where family comes together with a smile; and a home that creates good memory. All of which will become a cornerstone to quality community, where an ideal society will no longer be beyond reach.

Our Construction

LIFE AND LIVING believes in practicing the concept of Kaizen or continuous improvement. In 2005, the company began introducing self-developed pre-cast system on all its projects. In order to maintain a high standard of quality, all its detached, semi-detached and town houses were developed and constructed in-house by a team of professionals. As a testament for its commitment to quality, the company received ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) certification in 2013.